Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WP7 Transformation for Android

How to make your android device looks like WP7. There is some of free application you can get from Google Play to turn your android gadget transformed as WP7. This way is only change your android interface but not changing the system overall.

First you need to install some application from the market before you enjoy the new theme. Here I list everything you need to install :

1. Launcher7

Launcher7 have free and donate version. The different are free version was annoying with ads banner on your Home screen.

2. WP7Contact

WP7Contact has two version lite and pro edition. You can get lite version for free or you can buy Pro version for $2.99.

3. Messaging 7

When people suggest me to use Metro Messaging Beta to change default android messaging interface for WP7 themes. But I prefer to use Messaging 7 to make it like WP7 default messaging. It’s free and has more option than other. Paid Metro Messaging maybe better than this.

4. Lock Screen 7

There is a several locker application to make your android looks similar with WP7. Many of them was paid version, yes there is also available free version but nothing interesting me than Lock Screen 7.

The only bad thing on this apps is the stock status bar still displaying when it locked. But we can make it looks like WP7 with this next application.

5. StatusBar+ Trial

StatusBar+ will replace your default android bar on the top of your screen as WP7 style. But you can only use this trial application for 14 days. I haven’t found another free apps to replace this trial.

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