Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Fix WiFi Problem on Most Android Gadget

Someday I turn on WiFi like usual as my daily activity but I don't know it's just turning grey and then switch back to off. Do you have same problem? Here what I do to solve it.

Software Problem

Method 1 : Power Cycle

This is the first step you have to do when you can't turn on your WiFi or Hotspot tethering on your phone. Just pull out the battery and wait for 1 minutes or more to reset the power cycle of your phone. If your device has removable battery so you need to press power button longer to force shutdown. Put your battery back and try again to turn on the WiFi. Still has no luck? Goes to method 2.

Method 2 : WPA_Supplicant fix

You need to root your device to apply this trick. Find it on internet how to root it. All you have to do is just deleting wpa_supplicant.conf file and while you've got restarted your phone system will make another new one. Find this files stored on your device. Most common android device will located on /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

Method 3 : Reset Factory

Problem still? Now you need to backup all of your data and do factory reset. Goes to recovery on your device (find it how cause every phone has different ways to boot recovery). Then reset or wipe to factory reset. Be careful this way will delete all of your files inside so take a backup before doing this.

Method 4 : Flash Firmware

This is the last trick to do if you have done every ways above but still no luck. Flash your device to factory firmware or upgrade your Android version if your vendor release the new one.

If every trick has done but you still have the problem, now is time to check the hardware issues.

Hardware Problem

Method 1 : Antenna connectivity

There is many possibilities related to WiFi problem. First I have done is check the antenna, some device has antenna mounted to the back case or mid case. If you have phone more than 2 year maybe it's time to open the case and go to clean up. Pull the antenna cable then plug it back. Then reboot and see if it works.

Method 2 : WiFi chips module

If you are an expert in electronic repairing so you can try to re-hot the Wifi chip using blower hot air or just go to local phone repair shop to do this. But for easiest way just replace the whole mainboard of your device that you can found it on e-Bay.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Unofficial CM12.1 Lollipop 5.1.1 Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

While Samsung released their official Lollipop for Galaxy S4 I9500 it was a good news for my 2 years old phone still got update. But unfortunately there is so much complain I found on the internet about huge battery drain and overheat problem. As my experience the latest official Kitkat is still the best ROM for daily use. But I'm still curious how Lollipop feels on this device, so I'm looking for another alternate ROM. From many firmware I tried, each of them have their pros and cons feature.

The most stable custom ROM I've tried is Unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 which is based on Lollipop 5.1.1 ported by Team Canjica from XDA Dev. I have no big issues and problems for my daily use, although I have to lose some Touchwiz features like Air Gesture or Air View, but who cares with that gimmick function that I never use.

Battery consumption so far is fair for Lollipop system, you can see the screenshot of the state below this post.

Here's the link to download

Unofficial CM12.1 Team Canjica Lollipop 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500)

You can read the original thread on XDA on how to install and another stuff that you may need.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unofficial CM11 for Lenovo S920 (Beta)

Pada akhirnya CyanogenMod versi 11 yang telah lama dinanti-nantikan oleh para pengguna Lenovo S920 berhasil diporting oleh arraki, seorang developer dari 4PDA forum di Rusia. Namun sayangnya versi masih belum stabil dan memiliki beberapa bugs.

Untuk menginstall firmware ini anda membutuhkan versi TWRP terbaru. Dan firmware ini belum dilengkapi dengan Gapps.

Namun jika anda tetap ingin mencobanya silahkan download pada link dibawah ini :

CM11 4.4.4 for Lenovo S920!gIYT1JoS!KTQ7lNHC0BIG3jk08zgwwyof1ufaFwvcAvaHLZuYBq4


Gapps for Kitkat!wtV2VZ6a!eHFMRA8SvEW2kq75pK_Dxy7h8xMDqz3vcsq00HdB4nI

Firmware ini hanya untuk CN Based Partition, jadi kalau ROM anda masih menggunakan versi ROW sebaiknya diubah dulu ke CN.

Bugs :
- Random Reboot
- Bluetooth not work
- USSD code problem
- Memory boros

Untuk memperbaiki masalah memory update kernel tweak berikut ini:!YEIHQCCL!cN7SZMjTovsQcuGW6quajsNJZnwGzkq9E2rrLoHLPEw

Credit to:
- Arraki (4PDA)
- Moh Zamroni (Lenovo S920 Indonesia : FB)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Reset firmware tanpa kehilangan data | Asus Zenfone 5

Trick ini berguna untuk mengembalikan Asus Zenfone 5 ke setelan pabrik tanpa harus kehilangan data. Tapi kalo kamu pernah pasang Custom Recovery atau root maka secara otomatis akan terhapus.


  • Download firmware Asus Zenfone yang saat ini sedang dipakai, Misalnya:
  • Extract file tersebut sampai kamu menemukan
  • Rename file tersebut menjadi
  • Copy ke dalam memory internal
Cara ini untuk memanipulasi seolah-olah ada update terbaru. Sehingga perangkat akan mengkonfirmasi kita untuk melakukan update.

Semoga berhasil.